The majority of exhibitions that I have been involved with are in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Stafford, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Middlesbrough and Nantes, France'.

Adrian has developed a national reputation as an artist and tutor in the United Kingdom and exhibited overseas. He produces work based on an extended range of themes and approaches to the exploration of the subject. The work that he has produced recently deals with genetic engineering and how the body copes with trauma and has the inert ability to re-generate. The landscape works are a series of collective images taken from all over the world and composed as capriccios; imaginative works that only exist on the canvas. Aspects of the landscape images, relate to my family and the English obsession with gardens. The organisation of colour and its relationship to tone is an important element in the work creating structure and ambience within the work.

'Through organising solo exhibitions I have exhibited my work in the United Kingdom and in 2008 won a salon medal for showing two of my works in France. I also devise group exhibitions with artists that I have met during my career as a practising visual artist'.

Nantes, Salon medal 2008.


'My work explores various themes and ideas relating to social change and youth culture, scientific genetics and life issues. The age defying practices that have until recently been a preoccupation of the rich and famous associated with genetic modification and stem cell manipulation is a focus within my later work. This relates to hybrids, hosts and genetic fusions. The social and moral implications are part of a constant dialogue that serve as a pivotal moment in our history and society between one who favours an optimistic future or one who considers it a technological wonder waiting to be abused.

My working process involves the interplay of photo-montage, mixed media and the painted image, developed from extensive research and investigative drawings. Social concerns and social acceptance. This interaction is crucial to this body of work. Who are we? How are we perceived? How would we like to be perceived? Social integration is an important aspect of who we are and acceptance is vitally important in the process of how we integrate, react and live. Aspects of the work has an almost tribal and animalistic element. Part of a sub group we are categorised and judged. As much as culture may depend on attitudes, change, empowerment, status and success. The fabric of society is stretched and shaped. The themes and work are a vehicle for these concerns and reflect on living in a modern city. Living in a modern city at times, not unlike the equivalent of an Hogarthian experience parallel to a new form of reality.

Towards the end of the 20th century, society had changed rapidly, we are now able to make choices that were unimaginable only a few decades earlier. The fusion of science and art is closer than ever, surgeons craft their patients. The beautiful society has arrived. Success is important, how we look is important. Slowing down the ageing process appears to be an necessity to succeed. Celebrity, the obsession with reality shows and fame. Is it driven by so few or are we secretly and gradually engaging in the whole process and living in our own denial. Some of the images on display question the idea of the perception of beauty and what some would consider beautiful- on a seemingly superficial level.

To clone, host and develop hybrids is a contentious issue and one I have mixed feelings about. This due to my own recent experiences. Adrian delivers practical workshops, talks and presentations based on his work to artist groups in the form of lectures. All of the sessions have been very well received by the groups involved and the individual participants.

Some of my latest works are a response to two visits to American. The modern city, neon lighting, architecture and identity are key aspects in the work after being inspired by the lyrics of David Bowie and Lou Reed'.

'I started exhibiting my work after leaving art college. It was on the strength of the exhibitions that I received my first employment as a college lecturer in art and design teaching on B/tec, H.E. Access and Foundation art and design courses at Bournville, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Sutton Coldfield and Stafford.

In 2002 after working in Further Education for twenty years as a lecturer in art and design I started to organise private tuition arts courses as a self employed tutor whilst continuing to develop my work. The courses have been very successful with students receiving awards in national competitions.

For many years I have developed a programme of art related talks and lectures for art groups, art colleges and art galleries based on my personal art work.

Adrian Clamp. 2018.

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